Each week, I get to interview authors, pastors and speakers on my show, Connecting Faith. That means I read lots of books and do a fair amount of research. Check out the sidebar for my favorites.

In addition, I love reading the blogs of other writers and speakers. Here are some of my favorites.

People, Place or Things  This is a brilliant blog from creative writer, young Mom, cancer survivor, and woman of God, Heidi Lee Anderson. Her way of looking at life and ability to stand firm on her faith regardless of the circumstances is inspiring and encouraging. Check out her blog.

Mothering From Scratch  This website is an amazing resource for all Moms who love the Lord. Their theory is that there is no prescribed right or wrong way to parent. And their writing makes every Mom feel welcomed and supported.

Susie Larson  If you don’t listen to Susie’s show on Faith Radio, you are missing out. Speaker, author and radio host. Subscribe to her daily blessings. You won’t be disappointed.

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