Are You in Hiding?

Our culture applauds what we can produce, what we can show, and what we can upload to social media. But God notices us even when we are tucked away in hidden places.  I loved talking with author Sara Hagerty about… Read More

Does God have a dream for me?

Sometimes we allow the negative labels of others shape our identities. But God has His own dream for our lives, and it’s worth discovering.  Ministry leader and fabulous woman of God Jo Saxton (I like her name!) shares… Read More

Finding beauty in the midst of brokenness

From the bright lights of Hollywood to the Playboy mansion to the horrors of anorexia, actress Andrea Logan White had what seemed to be a charmed life, but she felt empty.  How she discovered that being perfectly unfinished… Read More

The secret to finding freedom… it’s not what you think

Keeping the story of your life to yourself?  This week I had the pleasure of interviewing author Jamie Ivey on her new book, If You Only Knew: My Unlikely, Unavoidable Story of Becoming Free. It will make you… Read More

Who are you?

Some time ago, I attended track-and-field day for my young son, Sam. As a volunteer at the long jump station, I filled out a name tag and took my post. For some reason, I simply wrote “Sam’s Mom.”… Read More

Decision making for Dummies

I was rummaging around in the chest where I keep my childhood belongings when I came across a well-worn toy from my youth—The Magic 8 Ball. Maybe you had one too? Perhaps, like me and my grade-school friends, you… Read More